Laser Cutting

Kyoto Makers Garage houses a 30W Trotec Speedy 100 laser cutter, available for rental at 1000円/hr. Bed size: 610mm x 305mm Max depth of cut: 5~9mm (depends on material)


Link Comment
Single Line Font SVG generator Generate SVG files of text with single lines – very useful for vector engraving text (shallow cut)
Deepnest - Laser Cutter Packing Tool Free software which tries to pack svg files for laser cutter into as tight a space as possible Easily generate various types of boxes for laser cutting.
MakerCase Another laser cut box making online tool.
List of box generators A list of even more box generators!
Joinery Online tool for making laser cut joints


Name Link
Dallas Makerspace Materials Dallas Makerspace's list of safe/unsafe/safe-ish materials for the laser cutter.
Advanced Output Center Materials Art Institute of Chicago’s recommended settings for various materials. Includes pictures of the results. (Note: settings will still need to be adjusted for the KMG laser cutter, but this can serve as a helpful reference)
Laser Cut Like a Boss Useful guides on laser cutting
Curved wood tutorial Tutorial on how to make bendy wood with the laser cutter.
Laser Cut Puzzles Overview of how to make various types of puzzles with a laser cutter

Stuff to Cut

Name Link
3axis Many free vector data for laser cutting
Vambits Cute open source desk toys
Laser Cut Ornaments Data for laser cut ornaments

Where to Buy Materials

Name Link
Hazaiya Cheap acrylic
Zaiichi Cheap MDF, plywood, etc.
Laser Cut Rubber Rubber which is safe to use with the laser cutter, useful for making stamps